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דף זה בעברית

Har Refaim Shul is located in the picturesque Abu Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem.  The shul is on 14 Rechov Nachshon. We are the sole Ashkenazi synagogue in Abu Tor, and the closest shul to the Dan Boutique Hotel and Mount Zion Hotel.

Directions to the Shul:

From Derech Hebron: Turn onto Aminadav Street, and after 15 meters turn right onto Nachshon Street. The shul is at number 14, which will be on your right, opposite the Ben Yehudah School.

From Naomi Street:
Turn onto Zeruyah Street, and walk until you hit Gihon Street. Opposite you is a path that cuts through to Nachshon Street - the shul will be a bit farther down the road on your left.

Map of location of Har Refaim Synagogue