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דף זה בעברית

About Abu Tor:

Abu Tor is a neighborhood divided between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem, south of the Old City. The area is bounded by Gai Ben Hinom on the northern side, Derech Hebron and the old railway station to the west, the Sherover Promenade, Armon Hanaziv and the Peace Forest to the south.
From 1948 – 1967 Abu Tor was cut by the line intersecting Israeli Western Jerusalem and Jordanian Eastern Jerusalem. During the War of Independence, the upper section was conquered by Israel while the lower section remained in the hands of the Kingdom of Jordan.
The upper section of Abu Tor in which our Shul is situated, is more than 2500 feet above sea level. To the north we view the old city and it's walls, the Temple Mount area, and the Mount Zion landscape. To the east we can see the neighborhood of Silwan, the view of Judean desert, the biblical mountains of Edom and even of Moav.
The Jewish area consists of upscale homes made up of old prestigious villas and modern apartments, all built in keeping with the topography of the area. This mature neighborhood has a number of small parks/playgrounds, the streets are lined with trees while hundreds of private gardens flourish.
In truth Abu Tor remains a secluded paradise within easy walking distance to the center of town and spreads out towards the quiet of the Peace Forest, making it a unique and sought after section of Jerusalem. read more...